MAGfatics Recovery Kit

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MAGfatics Recovery Kit

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What you'll receive:

  • Two Magnetic Massage Gloves – because 2 are always better than 1
  • 250ml MAGfatics Spray

About the MAGfatics Spray

The botanicals in this product work in synergy to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the lymphatic system. It’s lightweight, the non-toxic formula leaves the skin wonderfully hydrated and doesn't leave an oily residue ... Plus it smells great!

In combination with the signature Chelsey Jean sequence, the LymFATics cream aids in strengthening and repairing your circulatory system by assisting in the formation of stronger capillary walls and healthier venous function. The inclusion of the cream alongside your glove love also assists in detoxification of the cells through lymphatic drainage.

To read more about the MAGfatics Spray click here 

About the Lymphatic Gloves

Made from medical grade silicone, these gloves were designed with ease of use and functionality at the forefront of development. The double-sided glove has an important process in the sequence

The Spiky Side

You can use this side of the glove daily if you would like, but it is essential to do it at least every second day. This side of the glove stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system which signals your lymphatic system that it's “time to move”. This can produce an all over body “flush” and a warming sensation. When you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, you feel calmer and more relaxed, these endorphins also help in the movement of stagnant lymphatic fluid

The Magnetic Ball Side

The magnetic balls are composed of the mineral hematite and acts to “charge” cells in the body. Hematite possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties and has been known to assist in the regulation of the circulatory system. This side of the glove is responsible for “breaking up” the congestion in your lymphatics at a deeper level through the use of the magnets and the properties of hematite. You do not need to be rough with this step, let the balls do the work!